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50 Reasons The United States Got Trumped

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Have no doubt Donald Trump would have loved nothing better than to have seen American democracy fall and be a dictator over us all. Donald Trump gained many followers who were so disenfranchised with their life they would gladly have exchanged their freedom for his rule. For them, it couldn’t get any worse. He could only make things better. Donald Trump’s power comes from his supporters. Without support, he is nothing. The purpose of this book is to take away some of that support.
Have no doubt Donald Trump tried to overthrow our government by discrediting our election system and spurring on an insurrection at our state capital. Many argue Trump had nothing to do with the Capital riots. He knew what was going on. Many argue Trump even said the word “peacefully.” That was only to cover his butt because he knew what was about to happen. He told his supporters to “fight.” Many argue others have used “fight” in the past, and Trump didn’t want an actual fight. They believe he was speaking in the generic sense, such as “fight for your rights.” However, Trump’s “fight” was not in a generic sense. It was very specific. It had a time and a place.
Trump knew exactly what he wanted his words to spur in his supporters, and he got his wish. What else would any sane individual think an angry crowd would do when you tell them to fight?
This book may at first seem like one of the many books bashing Donald Trump and all the idiotic, crazy things he has done to disrupt America. If you have read any of my books, you know I am about taking responsibility for your own life, and I know beyond a doubt you can create an incredible life no matter the exterior circumstances. But living under a dictator may make circumstances a little harder.
We can’t put all of the blame on Trump. We also need to examine ourselves.
Everything is in a state of constant change. Our country needs change. Many problems need to be fixed.
What may seem like a huge problem or disruption may be necessary and lead to an ultimate solution.
Change in America doesn’t have to be bad. It can be something very good.
Perhaps Trump is that catalyst for a solution but not in the way he foresaw. Yes, Trump is a narcissistic, wannabe dictator who has blinded millions. But we can learn from our mistakes. Perhaps he has spurred on action where before there was only complacency.



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