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For the most part your brain was wired when you were a child. You may think you have come to conclusions on your own, but your brain has been conditioned to see the world in such a way to support conclusions that were given to you by your parents and society when you were very young. Did your childhood limit how you see the world?

Are you just a bunch of wired brain cells? Are you not more than that?

You live in a world that has been programmed in fear. It is hard to escape because almost everyone you interact with and you have become a part of this world. It is hard to see a way out. From childhood on this is the only world almost everyone knows. We are so easily influenced as a child we can’t even see it does not have to be this way. Each generation brings the next into this fearful world blinded to the fact that there is a way out. So the next generation accepts that this is the way it has to be. It is a vicious cycle. We can put an end to the cycle and replace it with a world of kindness, gratitude and love.

You are not just a bunch of wired brain cells.

The really cool thing is because you have the ability to think of something in a different way you have the power to make it different. No matter what the situation you are in, if you can picture a different situation you can change.

Here is where it gets amazing. You can’t just be your brain because you can reprogram your brain. Think about it. You can observe your emotions, thoughts and feelings. That requires something which is separate from what is going on in your mind. That which is observed also needs an observer. You are the observer.

This is your higher self.

So who are you?

Everything is energy. Since everything is energy, there is no distinction where energy begins and ends. Therefore we are all one.

Everything and everyone are one. But that does not mean you are not unique. You are like a wave in the ocean. You are the individual wave but you are also the entire ocean. Everything you do affects everyone and everything.

There is a collective unconscious. If one person knows it be assured that information is available to you.

So who are you?

You are whoever you want yourself to be.

You are here to create. You are here to create your world any way you want.

To create, use your imagination. Picture anything you want in your mind and add emotion. Hold that for just a minute or two each day. It is that simple.

There is nothing you cannot do, be or have.

Even after this life you are still creating. You are creating infinite creations for all eternity.


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  1. Lynn
    Nov 11, 2018 @ 20:40:10

    Truly Amazing ‼️‼️‼️
    I love love all the contents of every lesson I have received so for.
    So powerful. Absolutely worth every penny.
    Life is so busy and the only way for anyone to change is to sign up for these classes
    And apply this to their life.
    Thanks again


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