A Brief Introduction To Delta

We are all creators.  We create with the infinite energy of the universe.  Our potential for creation is infinite.

When we are awake we exist in a linear world.  Our brain is influenced by the illusion of time and therefore what we are trying to create appears to be something that will appear in the future.

However when we are asleep we are no longer bound by the linear world and our past and future meld into the eternal now.  Because of this we have even more potential to create while we are asleep.  Our creations are not being influenced by the negativity and limitations of our conscious mind.

Consider your dreams.  You will even admit you have no limits in your dreams. If you choose to fly in your dreams you know you can.

Here is the cool thing.  When you are asleep and dreaming you are still creating with the same energy of the universe you are creating with when you are awake.  You may be manipulating that energy in a dream but it can still manifest in your waking world.

When you are asleep it is still your mind at work.  What you need to understand is that even though you are dreaming your mind can still create in your waking world through your dreams.  Your mind is in what is known as the Delta state.  In this state your conscious mind has been completely bypassed and your infinite mind is in complete control.  Your infinite Delta mind is by no means limited to just your dreams, else it would not be infinite.

Can you see how powerful this is?

When your Delta mind is influencing the energy of the universe it knows no limits.  It can bring you what you desire into your waking world faster than you ever imagined.  Time and laws of nature do not matter to your Delta mind.

So the question is how do you influence your Delta mind?  How do you influence your mind while you are asleep?

Think about it.  What determines the content of many of your dreams?

What you are experiencing in your physical, waking world has a large effect on your dreams.  Sometimes your dreams may present themselves in strange, mysterious, abstract ways but they are many times a reflection of the thoughts of your waking life.  Especially the thoughts that you are holding in your mind just before you fall asleep and enter the Delta dream state.

So think about it, the answer to how to influence your Delta mind is actually very simple.  Concentrate on what you want to hand over to your Delta mind right before you fall asleep.  Let the thoughts of your dreams and desires be on your mind as you drift asleep and your Delta mind will take over.

You will pass your dreams over to the infinite and it will take control.  You will be handing your dreams over to the part of your mind that knows no limits.  It knows what is best for you and it knows how to get you what you want.

Please understand you are not turning your desires over to some outside source hoping it will come through for you, hoping it understands just how much you want your dreams and desires.  It is still you.  It is your delta mind and your delta mind wants everything that you want in your waking mind just as bad as you do.  Again the cool thing is it has no limits.  Understand this fact and you can perform miracles.

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