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Law of Attraction

Here Is A Major Mistake Most Make When Trying To Use The Law of Attraction.

Let’s use as an example, buying a new house.

You are insecure about purchasing the house. You are not sure if you should go through with it. What if in the future you don’t make the money you are making now? You could go into foreclosure or even worse have to file bankruptcy.

You decide not to buy the house it is just too risky.

A few years later your income does decline. Thank goodness you didn’t buy the house. You just dodged a bullet.

Actually you didn’t.

What you don’t realize is that you chose between two realities. You chose between thought patterns.

If you had bought the house your thoughts would have been different.

Your mind would now be operating not only from a want position, to be able to make the house payment, but to a need and have to position.

From that position it would be highly likely that you would make the money for the house payment.

Your decisions actually choose between realities. The outcome in one reality is in no way related to the other.

This Is Why Most People Don’t Believe In The Law Of Attraction

Is a Poor Person Who Thinks Positively about Money Rich?

This is a question that irks most people, especially those who hear about the Law of Attraction for the first time.

After all, they think, the Law of Attraction speaks about thoughts begetting results, so if they were to think strongly about something, shouldn’t they get that realized? In other words, if someone doesn’t have a car and thinks strongly about it, they should be owners of the car, right?

Though that does sound very romantic, the problem is that the Law of Attraction does not work in that fashion. It is not about think-think-get-get. There are a lot of under layers here. Firstly, people who think about the Law of Attraction in this manner don’t bring a very important factor into the equation – the emphasis of effort. You don’t get much without channelizing your thoughts into action.

Let us understand this better with an example. Suppose you have an ambition to open a restaurant. Right now, it’s just your ambition. Yes, you are thinking so strongly about it that you can taste it, but that’s just about it. Will that make your restaurant?

The answer is quite obvious – No. The Law of Attraction is not about sitting on your couch watching TV and expecting your inner desires to manifest themselves. You have to actually let the thought out of your system. You have to let it come out and become action.

The Law of Attraction attracts the circumstances that you need to act upon to bring into reality that which you desire.

When you think strongly about something, there will be an inner voice that will tell you to act in a particular way. If you are looking at opening a restaurant, a small voice within you will tell you to start hunting for good places. The voice will tell you to learn the art of restaurant management. The voice will also tell you to begin trying to find funding. There are so many things that will be spoken by this still small voice.

The important thing is that you have to listen to it. And you have to act upon it.

When your thoughts tell you that you want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich what do you do?  You don’t just sit there and hope it appears.  You go into the kitchen and make it.

Only when you begin translating thoughts into actions will you be able to do something about realizing them.

Stop The Default Process From Ruling Your Life

To a large extent, we allow things and situations to rule over us.

How many times in life do we say, “This situation is beyond me! I cannot do anything about it?” We do that a lot. Each time we do that, we are yielding control of our lives to the situations that we find ourselves in. We do not think even one bit in the way that the Law of Attraction tells us to.

And what is that way?

Quite simply put, that way is to think as though we rule the circumstances. The fact is that circumstances are very much in our hands. It is up to us to create situations that are conducive for our development, and not the other way round.

Think about it. Is a financial problem bogging you down? Have you planned an endeavor but aren’t able to do so because of lack of funds? So what do you do? Most people will think this going nowhere and will talk themselves out of doing what they want to do. But a person who really believes subjectively will understand that the financial problem lies in your frame of reference and will not worry about it too much. Such a person will think that he or she can make the situation conducive.

Sounds impractical?

It isn’t so impractical.

Begin to think strongly about having money. The Law of Attraction tells you that you have to “visualize‟ and actually behave as though you have the money.

This is what the believers in the Law of Attraction do. They make things conducive to them through a thought process. But their thought process is not of this objective world. They think as though they are the center of everything that’s happening and that they have full control over the situations they face.

Have you seriously tried putting yourself at the center of your subjective world?