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Continue The Paradigm Shift Class For Just $97

Continue with The Paradigm Shift Class for just $97.

After paying you will be redirected to the registration page. After registering you will immediately be emailed your lesson. You will then receive one email a day for the next two months. There are 30 main lessons and what we call extras which supplement what you have learned in the main lessons. Some days the emails will be brief, somedays a little longer. Each email will contain exactly what you need for that day.

Please read the email the day you get it. Make sure you understand the content of the email. It will not be hard.

Please try not to let the emails back up and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES read more than one UNREAD email a day and make sure you understand (AND YOU WILL) the contents of an older email before you go on to a new one. Re-reading older emails is fine and often very beneficial. Each consecutive email will build on what you have learned from the previous.

Get ready to have an experience unlike any you have ever had before.

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