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The Paradigm Shift Class – Gödel And Incompleteness

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Kurt Gödel was born April 28, 1906 in the Austro-Hungarian city of Brunn, which is now the city of Brno in the Czech Republic.  He was a logician, mathematician, and philosopher.  Although he is not as well known, many consider his works to be on the same level as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.  (He was a very good friend of Albert Einstein.) Some even put him on a higher level than Newton and Einstein.

In 1931, at the age of 25, Gödel completed his first and second Incompleteness Theorems which proved some things to be false which most mathematicians were trying to prove true.

Math was facing paradoxes.  Consider the sentence, “This sentence is false.”

It creates a paradox.

Is the sentence true or false?

If it is true it is false because the sentence says it is false.  But if the sentence is false, since it says it is false, it must be true.  It can’t be both true and false.

Don’t worry if that is a little fuzzy right now.  Its understanding will become second nature to you during the class.

The problem is self-reference.  The sentence is referring to itself.

Mathematicians wanted to end all paradoxes in math.  If a paradox came up in a math proof it was the “kiss of death.”  The proof was useless.

Mathematicians wanted to show that from just a small set of given truths, logic could be used to prove the truth of anything.

Kurt Gödel put an end to their dream.  He showed there was a statement in math similar to the sentence, “This sentence is false.”

Kurt Gödel showed there was a statement in math which says, “I am not provable.”

Kurt Gödel said you have to go outside of a system to prove everything in the system.  He showed there are truths in math that we will never be able to prove by using math.

We can go outside math to prove math but you can never come up with a proof using math that will prove all math.  There are blind spots in math but the human mind can see them by looking outside math. Gödel showed a brain is more than a computer.  A brain can go outside of the system.  A brain has a consciousness a computer could never have.

Gödel created a code known as Gödel Coding which can turn any math statement (such as 2+2=4) into a number known as a Gödel number.  Gödel used these Gödel numbers to talk about math and have math say, “I have a statement which is not provable.”  This was the pure genius of Gödel and you are going to be taught the code.  The cool thing is the code isn’t hard to learn.  It’s just the fact that Gödel was able to conceive of the code that was genius.

Gödel showed us that not just in math but in all of reality we can never prove all truth unless we step out of the reality.  And then we are in another reality and we can never prove all truth unless we step out again.  But then we are once again in another reality which we can never prove all truth unless we step out once again.  This goes on for infinity.

This shows there is infinite intelligence which is beyond infinity.  Our mind can’t grasp that concept.

We can’t fully step out of the reality we are currently in, and since math and logic are limited on what they can tell us about reality, we must rely on our intuition. Every truth science and logic can’t explain we can go to our intuition and access infinite intelligence which can make it clear.

The cool thing is this was proven by math.  You are going to learn that math.  You can do this and it will change you forever.

Gödel even developed a Proof of God– Not the God of religion but of our higher self.  The God that is in all of us.  The God that is us.

You are going to be taught Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem.  We have searched online and all we could find was an oversimplification of the theorem which really didn’t explain it or an over explanation of the system which hardly anyone would be able to understand. You will understand.

Truth always exceeds what is provable.  Gödel showed logic undermined itself.  You need something beyond math to fully explain math.

You will learn about the importance of diagonalization.

I read, “I read.”

The above sentence is a perfect sentence showing diagonalization.  You are saying you are reading the words “I read.”  You will very soon see what is so significant about that sentence.

You can never capture reality.  It is always higher.  All reason is beyond reason.  Sounds crazy doesn’t it.

Another way of looking at it is saying reality is a part of itself.  It can’t be separated from itself.

Reality is itself.  Now get ready for a huge statement.

You are reality.

You are existence asking about existence.

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