Help Is Always There When You Need It

Most of the time we limit ourselves.

We limit ourselves to our five senses.

We have a higher self that can see infinitely beyond what we see with our five senses.  Many like to call it our soul.  Actually our higher self is just a part of our soul as we are just a part of our higher self.

Our higher self is not bound by the rules of this world we live in.  Our higher self can work miracles.  Constantly tell yourself the world may do it a certain way but you have access to a higher self that can break all the rules.

Who cares about the likely chance of something happening.  Who cares about odds and percentages.  Your higher self doesn’t recognize odds.  Your higher self can make anything happen (or not happen) that you want.

The cool thing is your higher self is you.  So therefore your higher self wants everything you want just as much as you do.  There is nothing more loving and caring than your higher self (soul).

But you have the choice.  It is up to you.

You can limit yourself to just your five senses and not access the help from your higher self.  And you may still accomplish your goals.  It will just be a lot harder and take a lot longer.

You also have the choice to communicate with your higher self.  The closer you become with your higher self the more access you have to an infinite amount of possibilities that were not present before.  In fact you will open yourself to a whole new world that was not present before.  You leave behind the world limited to your five senses.

Things will change.  What was once a struggle will become an exciting adventure.  You will see the world from a completely different view that most don’t.  You will then want to show others.  You will show want to show them how they are limiting themselves and it does not have to be a hard struggle.

The help you want is here right now, right this very second, just begging for you to use it.