Here Is A Major Mistake Most Make When Trying To Use The Law of Attraction.

Let’s use as an example, buying a new house.

You are insecure about purchasing the house. You are not sure if you should go through with it. What if in the future you don’t make the money you are making now? You could go into foreclosure or even worse have to file bankruptcy.

You decide not to buy the house it is just too risky.

A few years later your income does decline. Thank goodness you didn’t buy the house. You just dodged a bullet.

Actually you didn’t.

What you don’t realize is that you chose between two realities. You chose between thought patterns.

If you had bought the house your thoughts would have been different.

Your mind would now be operating not only from a want position, to be able to make the house payment, but to a need and have to position.

From that position it would be highly likely that you would make the money for the house payment.

Your decisions actually choose between realities. The outcome in one reality is in no way related to the other.