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100 Things You Need To Know About Money Ebook


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This ebook is not just read, it is experienced.

Give this book as a gift. They will be thanking you all year!

Many need to change how they view money. Money is energy. Especially now when most money is nothing more than digits you view on a computer screen. The energy of money can be positive or negative. For most it is very negative. What type of energy is money for you?

This is real easy for you to figure out. How does the thought of money make you feel? Are your emotions positive or negative? Does the thought of money make you feel insecure or even apprehensive or fearful? Or does the thought of money feel you with a sense of happiness, delight, and gratitude?

How you feel about money determines whether money is a source of negative or positive energy for you. Unfortunately for most it is negative.

This is because they believe in scarcity. They believe if one person has more money there is less for them. This could not be farther from the truth. Money is energy and the universe has an infinite supply of energy. Therefore there is an infinite supply of money. Everyone in the entire world could be a billionaire many times over.

Most just don’t believe it. Do you?

The majority limit their supply of money by limiting the energy that flows to them. If you believe in scarcity, you will probably constantly struggle with money issues.

So what can you do?

We want to show you a new way of looking at money.

As we have already said money is energy. Money can be negative or positive. We want you to keep a positive supply of “money” energy flowing towards you. This can be accomplished by feeling good about letting go of your money. Let’s repeat. Feel good about letting go of your money.

When you spend your money in a positive manner and don’t feel apprehensive about letting it go, it will come back to you multiplied.

Are you familiar with the phrase, “Nature abhors a vacuum”?

When you release money in a positive manner it creates an emptiness that the universe MUST refill and will not only refill but will overflow.

So how do you release your money in a positive manner?

Release it with a sense of gratitude. Take care of your needs and wants (yes be good to yourself) knowing there will always be more than enough. Also, give! Share your money with others. Help them with their wants and needs. Let go of your money with gratitude in your heart and you will be amazed at how fast it comes back.

It is very important any negative feelings of having money are eliminated. Not having money is not a sign of humbleness or increased spirituality. Just as having a lot of money is not a sign of greed.

You need to have money. The world needs you to have money. There is so much more that you can do for the world with money than without. With money in the right hands so much good can be accomplished.

Money is a personality magnifier. Money will take a person’s personality and broadcast it to the world. A person who truly cares about people with be shown to be even more so. A greedy, self-absorbed individual will become worse.

Money is infinite energy. Start getting as much of it as you want right now. Start using it for good in the world. We need you to have money! We want to show you how to have all the money you want. We will explain to you everything you need to do to attract all the money you want in your life. Do not think for a moment you can’t have money. Thinking you can’t have money is just as crazy as thinking you can’t have, let’s say, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Do you know what neuroplasticity is?

This means your brain is in a constant state of change. Your brain may be wired to be able to do this or not do that right now but you can change how your brain is wired.

Your brain forms neuron clusters and these create your habits and beliefs. You can easily rearrange those clusters and the cool thing is you can rearrange them any way you want… to be able to be and do anything you want.

Most of our brains were wired by society and we have never really tried to do our own rewiring. This has caused many to miss out on incredible opportunities. You do not have money simply because your brain has not been wired to see how to bring money into your life.

Making money is easy. You have just not been wired to see it.

So how do you rewire your brain to attract abundance?

That too is simple and we have given you everything you need.

Abundance is effortless. Don’t believe us? We will convince you.

After we have proven to you abundance is effortless you will find 100 thoughts about money and 100 pictures relating to wealth and money. If you review the thoughts and pictures daily your brain will rewire itself. Constant repetition of the thoughts below will penetrate your subconscious and if you keep reading them they will become your thoughts and beliefs. You will literally be reprogramming your brain.

Also take a moment and experience each visual image we have supplied. Feel the emotion of having what you are seeing in the picture.

If you use this book daily you will develop an abundance mindset and everything you could ever want will start coming to you.

It has too. It is a law of the universe.

We promise.

Can you finish these money thoughts?

Never worry about losing money…

One of the biggest fallacies in life…

The majority will incorrectly tell you…

Many people are actually afraid…

Most people just don’t know how to…

You will save yourself a lot of anxiety once you…

You will be able to finish these life changing thoughts and many, many more. They will become yours.

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