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50 Things You Need To Know About Einstein’s Theories of Relativity

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Einstein’s Theories of Special and General Relativity explain the world’s reality, and it is a very strange reality. Most of the world is clueless. They are unaware of some very important facts with a very big impact on their daily lives. It is sad. It is crazy these subjects are not taught in schools at an early age.
You need to understand Einstein’s Theories of Relativity, so you can see just how strange yet wonderful this world we live in is.
Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity tells us we all experience time differently. An hour passing for you may not be the same as an hour passing for me. My hour could be longer or shorter than yours. But if we look at a clock, we will both see that an hour has passed. If your hour is passing faster than mine, you are aging faster than me. I told you this stuff was weird.
Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity tells us some very strange things about gravity and how gravity has a huge effect on space and time.
Does time even exist?
Is time just an illusion created by our brains?
Is there just one eternal NOW?
Just by knowing the things in this book, your life cannot help but be forever changed.


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