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50 Things You Need To Know About Quantum Physics


Product Description

Quantum Physics explains the reality of the world and it is a very strange reality. Most of the world is clueless. They are unaware of some very important facts with a very big impact on their daily lives. It is sad. It is crazy these subjects are not taught in schools at an early age. You need to understand Quantum Physics, so you can see just how strange yet wonderful this world we live in is.

Quantum Physics tells us that everything is just a wave of energy until we look, then it becomes the object we see in the material world (rocks, trees, cats, people) but only because of our observation. So, if nobody is in your kitchen is it not there? We will see.

But know this, as strange as it seems, if it were not for Quantum Physics, we would not have computers, cellphones, GPS, TVs, just about every convenience we have today.

You will see you live in two universes. One universe we see and experience every day and one universe is hard for us to see and seems to make no sense, but it is there. We are in it.

These universes contradict each other, and scientists can’t reconcile how they can both exist together, but they do. You and everything you see around you wouldn’t exist if we didn’t live in both.

The universe you cannot see may even be more real than the one you can. It is the universe in which creation occurs. Everything in the physical universe comes from the nonphysical universe. It’s like your thoughts. Are your thoughts real? Yes. You will see just how big a role your thoughts play in your life.

Just by knowing the things in this book your life cannot help but be forever changed.


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