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A Letter To My Christian Friends Ebook


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Originally titled “A Letter To My Christian Friends”, this ebook was a letter written by an ex-Christian to his Christian family and friends to explain to them why he could no longer follow the Christian religion.

As the author states in the introduction, abandoning a religion is a struggle for many. Especially because of the fear of how family and friends will react.

The individual is going through a huge change and change can be scary.

But as the author says, “To live a life you were not meant, is to create confusion within yourself. This confusion you are feeling will only manifest itself negatively into your physical world.”

“You are here for a reason. You are here to provide a gift to this world. Until you present your true self to the world. Your present to the world will go unopened.”

The book is written in a loving and caring tone, a friend talking to a friend, with the goal of keeping that person a friend after he or she has read the book.

Below are some of the topics the author discusses in the book.

    • I still believe in God. It is just that I now experience and know God in a different way.
    • I can only accept a god who has nothing but unconditional love. The love of the god in the Bible is very conditional.
    • Fear, even in this life is an illusion. This is very hard for a person to accept who follows a religion which has at its base a fear, the fear of eternal punishment.
    • We don’t see things the way they are, we see things the way WE are.
    • Defining ourselves as opposed to being defined by others is one of the most difficult challenges we face. And until we are true to ourselves we are never really living. Too often we remain in a comfort zone and deny ourselves and the world our full potential.
    • Being omnipotent, why did God create a world in which he knew billions and billions and billions would be doomed to an eternity of punishment?
    • Why is the god of the Old Testament so vindictive and vengeful and prone to wrath that needs to be appeased in violent ways? Does he really sound like a god of love?
    • The god of the Bible is pro slavery.
    • A very simplistic study of Quantum Physics. Specifically the double slit experiment and how it shows our conscious mind changes energy into matter.
    • Nothing is separate. We are all one.
  • Our ego lies to us and tells us that we are all separate, that we are all in a world of scarcity where we must fight and struggle to survive.
  • Get in contact with God, or your higher self, by silencing your mind through meditation.
  • Also included are numerous essays on similar topics not included in the original letter. 

This book is very simple and easy to understand. Even if you aren’t struggling with leaving Christianity, if you hold many of the beliefs of the author, you need to read this book. It will help crystalize your thoughts and help you come to an understanding of why you believe what you believe. It is the authors hope that, as he mentions in the book…

“If you have trouble expressing yourself to others, then by all means use my words.”

Read this amazing book today!


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