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Acres Of Diamonds

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The riches you are searching for may already be well within your reach.

Wealth is all around you, and it is most accessible to you exactly where you are now.

Today’s the day to discover your own acres of diamonds.

Before he founded Temple University, Russell Conwell travelled the world and delivered his life changing speech “Acres of Diamonds” to thousands of people who were ready to prosper.

Now, almost 100 years after his death, the timeless lesson of “Acres of Diamonds” lives on in this reproduction of the speech brought to life from a rare, original pamphlet Russell Conwell handed out in the 1900’s.

Conwell was inspired to write the speech after he traveled along the Tigris and Euphrates with a guide who shared the story of Ali Hafed. Hafed was a farmer who sold his land and left his home to find riches. Obsessed with wealth, the farmer died in poverty. However, the man he sold his farm to discovered that the land was filled with diamonds and he became a millionaire!

With this book you can change your mindset to see that Opportunities are all around you.


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