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Hinduism And Buddhism Volume One

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The present work was begun in 1907 and was practically complete
when the war broke out, but many circumstances such as the
difficulty of returning home, unavoidable delays in printing and
correcting proofs, and political duties have deferred its publication
until now. In the interval many important books dealing with
Hinduism and Buddhism have appeared, but having been resident in
the Far East (with one brief exception) since 1912 I have found it
exceedingly difficult to keep in touch with recent literature. Much of
it has reached me only in the last few months and I have often been
compelled to notice new facts and views in footnotes only, though I
should have wished to modify the text.
Besides living for some time in the Far East, I have paid many visits
to India, some of which were of considerable length, and have
travelled in all the countries of which I treat except Tibet. I have
however seen something of Lamaism near Darjeeling, in northern
China and in Mongolia. But though I have in several places
described the beliefs and practices prevalent at the present day, my
object is to trace the history and development of religion in India and
elsewhere with occasional remarks on its latest phases. I have not
attempted to give a general account of contemporary religious
thought in India or China and still less to forecast the possible result
of present tendencies.


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