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The Mystery of Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus

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You are about to embark on a journey that will forever change how you see the world.  The journey will take you through different levels, and each level takes you deeper into esoteric knowledge known by very few.

It’s like how secret societies indoctrinate their initiates.  The deeper you go, the more you learn.  But at each level, the initiates get fewer and fewer.  Only a select few obtain the deepest level.  Perhaps the information you are about to receive is the secrets guarded at the deepest level that only a few can truly say they understand.

This is why you must start at the very beginning.  It is cumulative.  You must understand one level before proceeding to the next.  We will guide you through and show you how to process the information.

So, get ready. This book is level one.


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