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The Paradigm Shift Reports II

Intelligence is a byproduct of belief.  You are as smart as you think you are.  Barring any physical disability everyone has the potential to be as smart as anyone who has ever lived. 

There is an infinite intelligence we all have access to. 

EVERYONE needs to learn to think for themselves and NOT let others think for them.  The school system is part of the problem.

It is NOW all online. You get access to it all!

 It comes in steps.

 THE PARADIGM SHIFT REPORTS I – Takes you to the rabbit hole.

THE PARADIGM SHIFT REPORTS II – Jumps into the rabbit hole.


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We have put all the Paradigm Shift Reports online. You have access to 90 core reports, 120 supplements, 60+ videos, and 74 audios.

You will be sent the link to the page and password once you sign up.

The first reports let you know more about the strange concepts of Special and General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics than 95% of the people on this planet.  In all honesty, you probably understand the concepts better than most undergraduate college students who have taken college courses.

But your journey has just begun.

The Paradigm Shift Reports taught you that Relativity shows time itself depends on your point of view.  All there really is, is an eternal NOW.  Quantum Physics shows that we are all energy and are infinite creators.  We use our energy to create our world in any way we want.  You are now ready to go on to Level 2 of The Paradigm Shift Reports and learn how to really start creating your world.

You also learned about the equation of all equations — Schrodinger’s Equation.  The equation that shows how everything exists as only a probability until it is collapsed into physical reality by consciousness.  You began learning how to create your reality. You saw you need to get thoughts of the material world out of your mind to enter the quantum realm.  You create with your imagination and emotions.  Belief determines the probabilities produced by Schrodinger’s Equation.  The more you believe the higher the probability.

So how much to your advantage do you believe it would be to learn some rules of probability and statistics?  Let me answer that for you.  An incredible advantage.  Level 2 will give you that advantage.

You learned how to visualize stepping out of 3D reality into other dimensions.  It’s very hard to picture in your mind, isn’t it?  Hard but not impossible.  In Level 2 we are going to show many more ways to discover higher dimensions.  You are literally going to be visualizing things in your mind that you didn’t even know existed. You are going to love it.

Perhaps P.D. Ouspensky said it best.

“And when we shall see or feel ourselves in the world of four dimensions we shall see that the world of three dimensions does not really exist and has never existed; that it was the creation of our own fantasy, a phantom host, an optical illusion, a delusion — anything one pleases excepting only reality.” -P. D. Ouspensky

Yeah, you read that right, the world of 3D does not exist.  If the last class blew your mind, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Perhaps best of all you are going to learn about infinity.  Once you can get a grasp on infinity you will see exactly how NOTHING is impossible.

The reports are now fully online.  You will receive the web page and password once you sign up.

Get The Paradigm Shift Reports For Just $45!!!  

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