Stop The Default Process From Ruling Your Life

To a large extent, we allow things and situations to rule over us.

How many times in life do we say, “This situation is beyond me! I cannot do anything about it?” We do that a lot. Each time we do that, we are yielding control of our lives to the situations that we find ourselves in. We do not think even one bit in the way that the Law of Attraction tells us to.

And what is that way?

Quite simply put, that way is to think as though we rule the circumstances. The fact is that circumstances are very much in our hands. It is up to us to create situations that are conducive for our development, and not the other way round.

Think about it. Is a financial problem bogging you down? Have you planned an endeavor but aren’t able to do so because of lack of funds? So what do you do? Most people will think this going nowhere and will talk themselves out of doing what they want to do. But a person who really believes subjectively will understand that the financial problem lies in your frame of reference and will not worry about it too much. Such a person will think that he or she can make the situation conducive.

Sounds impractical?

It isn’t so impractical.

Begin to think strongly about having money. The Law of Attraction tells you that you have to “visualize‟ and actually behave as though you have the money.

This is what the believers in the Law of Attraction do. They make things conducive to them through a thought process. But their thought process is not of this objective world. They think as though they are the center of everything that’s happening and that they have full control over the situations they face.

Have you seriously tried putting yourself at the center of your subjective world?