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At midterm my son had all C’s and a D. We did the Paradigm Shift Class lessons together and he finished with 2 B’s and the rest A’s. And it has changed how I see things. If you have a child or grandchild in school, you must get this for them and for you.

– Angela H.

If you are a elementary school through college student or the parent or grand-parent of a student this is a MUST HAVE!

This is not a gimmick or system.  Intelligence is a byproduct of belief.  You are as smart as you think you are.  Barring any physical disability everyone has the potential to be as smart as anyone who has ever lived. 

There is an infinite intelligence we all have access to. 

EVERYONE needs to learn to think for themselves and NOT let others think for them.  This would eliminate so many of the world’s problems.  The school system is part of the problem.   

What would it do for your self-confidence to know you obtained a strong understanding of Calculus, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Quantum Physics, ALL in just 30 days?  And this is going to be EASY and FUN!

Did you go to school?  If so, the school system has done you a major disservice.  It has limited you.  It programmed you and bound you to limits on what you will achieve in life.

Albert Einstein said, “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”

Do you always seem to be falling short of your dreams and desires?  This is the fault of the school system.  The school system is why you struggle.

Hi!  My name is Craig Jackson, and I am the owner of Paradigm Shift a life changing company with over a quarter million fans on Facebook and I am the author of the bestselling book, You Need To Know This Stuff.

I want to let you know something.  You are a genius!  You probably don’t believe me.  That is because of the school system.

You are the product of an outdated school system.

Our school system came from Prussia. Prussia no longer exists.  If that is not a warning, then what is?  In the 1840s, Horace Mann went to Prussia to study what was becoming a very popular way of teaching children. He brought the system back to the United States, and industry giants like Rockefeller and Carnegie fell in love with it for its ability to consistently churn out supplies of “worker bees” year after year. It produces a labor class. Not surprisingly, the school system is also called the “factory model.” What is unbelievable is that nothing has changed for almost 200 years, and it is robbing you of your individuality and creativity. 

It gets even worse.  The school system told you how smart you were, and you believed it.  How many incredible minds has the world lost because of the underestimation of the school system?

We are all guilty of believing we are who we think others think we are.  Let me say that again.  I didn’t say who others think we are.  I said, who WE THINK others think we are.

The school system didn’t show you your true potential.  The school system is why you struggle.

Everyone including YOU has been programmed to be a “worker bee.”  We see that every day of the week.  Very few break free.  Very few make their dreams a reality.  Most live the same day over and over for their entire life.

Were you even taught how to learn or were you put in a classroom and told “Just do your best?”  Or more likely, “Just do what we tell you.”

You need to deprogram yourself from the school system.  That is why we created The Paradigm Shift Class.  We want you to have everything in this world you desire.

The Paradigm Shift Class is not a new learning gimmick or system. Intelligence is a by-product of belief.  You are as smart as you think you are.  Everyone has the potential to be as smart as anyone who has ever lived.  All you must do is believe you are smart– convince yourself that you are smart.  The Paradigm Shift Class will make you believe. 

We want to give you a confidence experienced by very few. You will find all your past limits fade away.

What would it do for your self-confidence to know you obtained a strong understanding of Calculus, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and Quantum Physics in just 30 days (30 lessons)?  These are some of the hardest subjects to understand.  But The Paradigm Shift Class is going to be easy.

In just 30 days (30 lessons) The Paradigm Shift Class will increase your belief in your intelligence.  Your intelligence will skyrocket.

Click the button to begin The Paradigm Shift Class today.  You will be given access to all 30 lessons and supplements.  Start your deprogramming now.  After just the first lesson. you will instantly start seeing a new world and feeling a newfound confidence. 

 JUST $45

You will no longer tell yourself, you can’t do it, you are not smart enough, you are not talented enough.

You will see that although most believe it when they hear…

You were born this way. You can only go so far.  You can only be so smart.  Your intelligence was determined by your genes.  Your potential was determined by your genes.  That person has a God-given talent. 

You will see those statements are just plain false.

I am sure you are feeling excited about the class, so be sure to start today.  You don’t understand how deep the school system programming goes to make sure you stay a “worker bee.” Most spend at least 12 years being programmed.  It is kicking in now.  You may really want to take the class, but you are now making excuses.  You are telling yourself you will do it later. You may even feel a little discomfort. You tell yourself you will do it tomorrow.  You will not do it tomorrow.  That is the tomorrow trap.  Your excitement for the class will diminish and then you will forget about the class.  There will be no change.

Please click the button and start The Paradigm Shift Class today.  You are going to love it.

Just $45

It is NOW all ONE CLASS called MAGIC.  You get access to it all!




Just $45

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