You Think You Are Making Decisions But You Are Not

We think we are being logical

and rational when we make decisions…

…but what we need to understand is our subconscious mind (which we are mostly unaware of) is making our decisions. Our conscious mind is just justifying a decision already made by the subconscious mind. We are actually fooling ourselves into believing our conscious mind has logically arrived at an answer. The subconscious mind does not even respond to logic. It only responds to emotion.  It is very important we learn how to control our subconscious mind.

Most of our subconscious beliefs were formed when we were very young and we had little to no say in what we were told to believe.  Most people carry those beliefs with them throughout their entire lives.  They never question them.  They are limiting themselves because they are shutting themselves off from amazing possibilities which do not fit their belief pattern.  A little child has determined their fate.

We need to separate our beliefs from ourselves. Our beliefs can become so ingrained in us that they become a part of ourselves. Separating ourselves from our beliefs can become a very painful task, even though many of our beliefs are hurting us. They are keeping us from becoming what we want to be. The ironic thing is many times we don’t know what we believe. One moment we may think something is true the next we aren’t sure. So we have something that we are not even sure about that may or may not be keeping us from everything we want in life. Confusing isn’t it?  I was confused too.

Change is often hard because it actually causes your body to go into a state of chemical imbalance. This feels uncomfortable. Most prefer to avoid the change and return the body to a state of balance and return to a comfortable feeling. They can’t get past the short term discomfort to gain the long term benefits.
The really cool thing is, because you have the ability to think of something in a different way you have the power to make it different. No matter what situation you are in if you can picture a different situation you can change.

Start by questioning everything.  The majority of the word live their lives with a need to be told what to think.  And yes, question what you reading right now.  It is time for you to create your own belief patterns.

When you do you are going to find out a few things.

You are going to see this world really is a magical place.  Things you once thought were impossible are going to become a reality.

It will be very comforting when you discover that this world is not ruled by random chance.  That you are not just a statistic.  You are the creator. You are in control.

You will then realize you are here to help break the pattern this world is trapped in.  You are here to show this is not a world of scarcity and fear but a world of unending abundance and love.

Begin questioning right now.

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