8 Ways We Lie To Ourselves


8 Ways We Lie To Ourselves

1.  If I could do “this” my life would be incredible.

One thing will never make you happy.  It will soon become your norm.  And you will long for something different.

2.  If I had more time I would do “this”.

You have plenty of time. Hint: What are your favorite TV shows?  We may think we want to do something but when it comes down to it we don’t.

3. If I say or do “this” people will think I’m stupid.

People could really care less about most of the things you do.  They are more worried about what you think about them.

4.  My life is great.  My life is terrible.

Your life is whatever you think it is.

5.  I can’t change because of “this”.


6.  I can’t live without “this”.

Besides food and water and other things you need to keep yourself alive, you CAN live without it.

7.  I know what I am doing.


8.  It was not meant for me to be or have “this”.

Absolutely nothing is not meant to be.  You are here to create ANYTHING you want.

Most people believe they can never be a millionaire.  Are you one of those people who believe that and are 100% wrong?