Reading Will Change Your Brain

As much as 95% of your brain has been conditioned by the society you live in (family, friends, teachers, religion, government).

Clusters of neurons in your brain have developed putting your body on automatic.

It is like riding a bike.  At first it is very hard because your brain has no neurons developed for riding a bike. But you practice and then neurons begin to develop and you get better. More neurons cluster together and then it gets easier.  Finally so many neurons cluster together it becomes automatic.  You don’t even have to think about it your body just does it.

Believe it or not this is the way you spend 95% of your life.  Your life is on automatic.  You just do it.  There is very little change.

You get up and go to work.  You do the same things at work.  You go home.  You do the same things at home.  You repeat over and over and over again.

Amazingly most people keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a change to one day just happen.

Not very likely.

But there is a thing called “Neuroplasticity”.  You can rewire your brain.  You can determine what neuron clusters your brain develops. But you can’t do it by doing the same thing that you have been doing in the past.  You just can’t keep doing the same old things over and over again.

So how do you change your brain?

You have to picture and feel with strong emotion the change you want.

This is why we are constantly suggesting books and programs for you.  It is not because we keep finding one which is better.  It is to keep you reading or working on your brain.  It is to keep you making new neural clusters.

When you read you are pulling yourself out of your daily routine.

When you read a self help book you actually picture yourself doing what you are reading in the book.  You are imagining and feeling the change you want.

There is absolutely nothing better you could be doing to change your world.

Everything we present to you lets you learn something new.  Something which will take you out of your old habits.  Something which will lessen the neuron clusters which are holding you back.

So every day, even if only for a few mintes, READ!

Reading will change your brain.

Reading will change your life.