It Is Not A Journey Of Belief And Faith But One Of Experience

Most don’t question why they believe what they believe.  They do not want to put their beliefs to the test.  When evaluating their beliefs they only accept what they think confirms their belief to be true.  Any evidence to the contrary is quickly dismissed.  They come at their beliefs with the presumption that I am right and there is nothing that is going to prove me wrong.  And when they find something which conflicts with their belief and they can’t explain why, the problem lies not in the belief but in their inability to come up with a satisfactory answer.  For in their mind, since the belief is “correct”, there is an explanation, they just can’t explain why. They are fine with putting their failure on the limitations of their mind because that allows them to preserve the belief.   They very rarely approach their beliefs with an open mind and evaluate using the premise that they just may be wrong.

A true spiritual path is one of constantly searching our inner self.  We need to always be questioning our assumptions and conclusions.  We need know that many of our beliefs are just not correct.  Humans are just new born babes in this universe.  We are just beginning to learn.  And just like a baby we know very little about the world we are in and we are going to make a lot of mistakes.

Questioning may be very hard to do at first. But once you begin you will start a journey that will forever change how you view the world.  You will truly begin to live a blessed life.

This is a journey within yourself which is very contrary to what most religions teach. Most religions focus on an outward, jealous and vengeful god who wants to punish us for our transgressions.

The inward journey is one of unconditional love.  Mistakes are to be expected.  No matter how bad the mistake you will never be eternally punished.  The thought that a loving god would actually inflict pain becomes incomprehensible.

There is no judgment from God.  The only judgment comes from others and that is ego based and therefore doesn’t matter.

You will discover that we are all one.  We are all a part of God.  We are all part of an interactive universe, a single consciousness that gives us all incredible power that we have yet to even begin to understand.

What we discover is that life is not a journey of belief and faith but one of experience.

Go out and experience this incredible world.

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