Words Are Inadequate

You can never perfectly communicate anything to another individual.

Consider an event in your life.  Anything you experience is first filtered through your beliefs, your world view, the way you were raised as a child, everything which makes you… you.

Then unfortunately after an event goes through your filter, communicating this event to another individual requires words and words are inadequate.

If you don’t understand another person’s words, such as if they speak another language, communication can be very difficult.

Even when you speak the same language words don’t always mean the same to you as they do another person.  Words become lost in definition.

Words stir up different feelings.  Because of a past experience one word may elicit a strong emotional response in you and yet leave another emotionless.

The words which you present to an individual to describe your experience must be translated by the individual through his or her filter, which as we mentioned, is very different from yours.

So it can be a daunting thought if you think about it.

Not one single person has the same world view, because no two people have had the exact same life experience.

Words are inadequate.  So we can never truly communicate to someone what we are thinking and even if we could it would be altered by their filter to fit their beliefs.

Consider now the futility of debating over whose religion is correct.

Because we have available to us infinite life experiences and because we can never fully communicate those experiences to another there is no way the entire world could ever come to experience one ultimate truth.

No matter what authority we claim to follow that authority is still being filtered though our world view and to expect someone to see it exactly as we do would require them to see it through our world view.  That is impossible.

Here is what so many have a hard time comprehending…

There can be more than one truth even when the truths seem contradictory.

Quantum physics tells us that light is both a particle and a wave, both matter an non-matter.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity shows us that even time is relative and will present different truths to different observers.

When you take world’s religions and remove the dogma you often find they are saying the same thing.

Consider the four quotes below…

“The Kingdom is not coming in any way that you can observe.  The Kingdom of God is already here–within you.” – Jesus

“Those who seek to find the One without ceasing, will find the Lord dwelling in their own hearts.” – Krishna

“The Way is empty.  The Way is full.  There is no way to describe what it is.  Find it within yourselves.” – Lao Tzu

“The Way is not in the sky.  The Way is in the heart.” – Buddah

If it is all coming from within us, then how can what is coming from within me be any less true than what is coming from within you?  It can’t.

If it is all coming from within us, then how can what is coming from within you be any less real than what is coming from within me?  It can’t.

So maybe we should stop fighting over differences and start searching more and more for the similarities.  Perhaps upon seeing the similarities  we will draw closer to becoming the one that we are.  When that happens many of the worlds problems will just vanish.

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