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ALGEBRA AND EINSTEIN Fixing the School System Book 1


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We need to fix our school system!

There is nothing you cannot learn!

We are going to freak you out and show you how much of a disservice the school system has done to you. Your mind was not developed to become the genius you are. After finishing this book, which should take no more than a week, you will understand as much algebra as a student who spent an entire year in school. The first thing you have to understand is that our school system came from Prussia. Prussia no longer exists. So that should be a warning right there. In the 1840s, Horace Mann went to Prussia to study what was becoming a very popular way of teaching children. He brought the system back to the United States, and industry giants like Rockefeller and Carnegie fell in love with it for its ability to consistently churn out supplies of “worker bees” year after year. It is not surprising that the school system is also referred to as the “factory model.” What is unbelievable is that nothing has changed for almost 200 years. The goal of schooling is to create a labor class. The most important goals are to teach reading and writing, punctuality, prepare students for working long hours, and teach them how to follow instructions.

This stifles creativity and prohibits students from pursuing their own interests. This has also led to the dreadful classification of students based on how “smart” they are and dividing them up into classes – the advanced, the average, and the below average. The school system decides how smart you will be, and most blindly agree and submit to a self-fulfilling prophecy that has a huge impact (and for most, not a good one) on the rest of their lives. You may be asking why do I need to learn algebra? I don’t need it in my life. The purpose of teaching algebra is to shift your mind. We want to show you what the school system failed to show you. We want to show you just how incredible your mind is and the amazing things it is capable of doing. Teaching you algebra in just about a week (instead of an entire year like the schools) and showing you just how easy and fun it can be will instill confidence in you that you may have never experienced before and forever change how you interact with the world. You will truly see there is nothing you can’t do, be, or have. We hope you will be shocked and maybe even appalled at the enormous amount of students’ time schools waste when you see you learned something in a week that schools take a year to teach. Crazy!!!


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