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The Human Aura

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The above question is frequently asked the student of occultism by some one who has heard the term but
who is unfamiliar with its meaning. Simple as the question may seem, it is by no means easy to answer it,
plainly and clearly in a few words, unless the hearer already has a general acquaintance with the subject of
occult science. Let us commence at the beginning, and consider the question from the point of view of the
person who has just heard the term for the first time.
The dictionaries define the word aura as: “Any subtle, invisible emanation or exhalation.” The English
authorities, as a rule, attribute the origin of the word to a Latin term meaning “air,” but the Hindu authorities
insist that it had its origin in the Sanscrit root Ar, meaning the spoke of a wheel, the significance being
perceived when we remember the fact that the human aura radiates from the body of the individual in a
manner similar to the radiation of the spokes of a wheel from the hub thereof. The Sanscrit origin of the term
is the one preferred by occultists, although it will be seen that the idea of an aerial emanation, indicated by the
Latin root, is not foreign to the real significance of the term.
Be the real origin of the term what it may, the idea of the human aura is one upon which all occultists are
in full agreement and harmony, and the mention of which is found in all works upon the general subject of
occultism. So we shall begin by a consideration of the main conception thereof, as held by all advanced
occultists, ancient and modern, omitting little points of theoretical variance between the different schools.
Briefly, then, the human aura may be described as a fine, ethereal radiation or emanation surrounding each
and every living human being. It extends from two to three feet, in all directions, from the body. It assumes an
oval shape—a great egg−shaped nebula surrounding the body on all sides for a distance of two or three feet.
This aura is sometimes referred to, in ordinary terms, as the “psychic atmosphere” of a person, or as his
“magnetic atmosphere.”



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