The Long And Winding Road


Consider your thoughts a road.  Most people travel the road that everyone else is traveling.  There is no unique thought or idea.

Picture a cloudy day.  The land is cracked and barren.  There are no trees, no grass, no flowers.  Everything is gray.  Yet there is life, a lot of it.  Thousands and thousands of people are traveling a long and winding road winding aimlessly through miles of this wasted land.   There are so many people on this road there is hardly any room on the road.  They are side by side.  They are in front of each other.  They are behind each other.  They are all aimlessly walking down the road all going in the same direction.  They all think the other person knows where they are going but they don’t.  In reality they are going nowhere.

But there is an end to the road and when the road ends so do they.  Their life is over.

But if you look closely you can see small forks in the road.  Exits off the road.  But very few veer off the road, for it is not safe to do so.

Although it has been said that the exits lead to incredible places, paradises, places where your dreams and wishes are granted, it is foolish to try and get there because most won’t make it.  A few will but chances are you will not.  This talk of dreams and wishes, it’s probably not true anyway.  Besides the road they are on will get better won’t it?  It has to.

If you do decide to leave the road you had better make sure you know exactly what you are doing.  You had better make sure you are prepared.  Because if you are not you will meet with a terrible fate from which there is no return.

If you look closely you can see a man eyeing one of the exits.  He so desperately wants to take the exit.  He truly believes it will lead to something better.  He has given this a lot of thought.  He is going to take the exit.  He has prepared himself for what will come.

At least he thinks he has.  He is now at the exit.  Fear sets in.  Maybe he should just stay on the road he is on.  It’s not too bad after all.  He is not sure he is ready.  Maybe he hasn’t done enough preparation.  He wants to make sure he does it right.  He wants to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will get to his destination, that he will get what he wants.

Maybe it would be better to wait for the next exit, to make sure he is really prepared.  Yes, he convinces himself, waiting is the smart thing to do.  He will take the next exit.

He passes the exit by and continues down the winding road.

The road ends.  It is over.