The One Can Be You

Image of a solar eclipse

Life is change.

Not one thing remains the same.

Time is going to change everyone.  But the question is, “How are we going to change?”

We can either be changed by our spirit or changed by our ego.

Most of the world is under the influence of their ego.

We are a civilization that has made incredible technological advances but as far as advancing our spirit we are still a very primitive society.

Many still believe in a God who demands sacrifices and punishment.

Is it any wonder our society is still rampant with war, crime and prejudice?  Most still believe in the survival of the fittest.

Can we change our society?

Yes we can!

The solution is that we must first change ourselves. Find God within our selves.  A god who believes in unconditional love and who will not damn you for all eternity just because you made a mistake while you were trying to learn how this life works.

Find the change within yourself.

Most people are unwilling to admit a change needs to be made within them.  But they are still going to be changed.  Unfortunately they will be changed by forces not of their choosing.   Their change could have been a change of choice, a change of their own creation but now they are going to be changed by a society which has lost its way and they too are going to find themselves lost and forever searching.

They are going to be forever searching because they are constantly looking outward and not inward.

When you begin to still your mind and control your ego you will see a world that very few know exist.  You will be transformed.  Then you can help others.

The amazing thing is it only takes a few to make an incredible impact upon the world.  There is no reason you can’t be a part of the few.

Sometimes it only takes one.  There is no reason that one can’t be you.