Yours Is One Of Many Truths

We are all immersed in the culture that we grew up in. So much in fact that we are never really going to be able to escape its influence.

If you were born in America you will never really understand the Chinese culture.  Your brain was just not wired to do so.

The problem comes when we start to believe our culture is better than another culture or our culture is the correct way of doing things and others are wrong.

We should only look at our way as different.  A difference that is necessary for this world to thrive.  It is the uniqueness of each culture that makes our world a diverse and incredible place to live.

In no area do we see more struggle and conflict because of the differences in culture play out than through religion.

It is the pattern (and there are exceptions) to believe the religion of your culture to be correct.

Actually no one is correct and everyone is correct.  It’s a paradox.  Sometimes something can be both true and false.

It is easy to see why many become lost in believing their own religion is “the one and only truth”.

The religion immerses them even deeper into their culture.

Consider a church service.

You may go to an incredible structure dedicated to your religion.  The building is truly impressive.  The intricate, architectural design of the building, the stained glass windows, the total atmosphere can be awe inspiring.  Surely this is real.

There is art work in the building.  Art created by men and women who threw unbridled passion, commitment and feeling into their work. You see skilled masterpieces created by men and women who have incredible talents and perhaps know more than you about what your religion means to the world and how to express that meaning.  Surely this is real.

You sing hymns which stir your heart to feelings of undescribeable bliss.  Those who wrote those lyrics that speak to your heart and brought about those euphoric melodies had to be inspired by something outside themselves.  Surely this is real.

You  listen to a person speak with passion and power about your religion.  You see real emotion.  You sometimes experience joy.  You sometimes experience sadness. You see the laughter and the tears.  Surely this is real.

You are surrounded by a group who believe exactly what you do.  Again you can see you are all feeling the emotion.  You are sharing in each others joy.  You are sharing in each others sadness.  Surely this is real.

It is real.

It is very real.

But it is also real for other cultures who are experiencing the same thing but in a different way.

Yours is not “the truth”.  Yours is one of many truths.

It is a hard concept for many to understand. But when you finally grasp it your world truly does become unlimited.

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